Rules & Regulations

These Rules & Regulations and General Information, hereinafter stated, comprise legally-binding terms and agreements between the exhibitor and KACCOC. Having been approved as a exhibitor, your acceptance of a subsequent Booth Assignment signifies your intentions to honor and abide by the terms of this agreement as
hereinafter stated and as applies to the 8th O.C. Asian Business Expo, September 13, 2018, at Great Wolf Lodge, Garden Grove, CA.

1. Expo Sponsorship. The Expo and its exhibition component is sponsored and managed by KACCOC.

2. Application and Contract. Each exhibitor is required to sign the Application and Contract. The terms of the Application and Contract can be revised only upon written agreement of both parties. All booth personnel will be identified via an official Expo name badge according to the information provided on the application.

3. Exhibition Dates. The date of the exhibition is as follows: Thursday, September 13, 2018.

4. Admission & Acceptance. KACCOC reserves the right to refuse exhibit space to any applicant for any reason. In addition, KACCOC reserves the right to refuse exhibit space to any exhibitor if, after the acceptance of the Application and Contract, information should come to the attention of KACCOC, which in the reasonable judgment of KACCOC, demonstrates that the proposed exhibit or any portion of its contents would be inconsistent with the principles espoused by KACCOC or unfavorable to its public reputation. In the event KACCOC should exercise this right, any payment and exhibit fees paid to KACCOC shall be refunded – except in situations where the denial of exhibit space shall be for failure or refusal of the exhibitor to comply with the
terms set forth elsewhere in the Application and Contract or these Rules & Regulations (in which case the denial of exhibit space shall be treated as a cancellation by the exhibitor). Should any materials be deemed objectionable by KACCOC, timely consultation with booth personnel shall take place in order to remedy the situation.

5. Assignment of Space. Space will be assigned pre-event according to the date on which the contract and full payment are received. KACCOC reserves the right to shift assigned exhibitor space at any time if, in KACCOC’s judgment, it becomes necessary to do so. KACCOC reserves the right to make modifications in
the published floor plan as may be necessary to meet the needs of exhibitors and the exhibition as a whole.

6. Exhibitor Personnel. Each exhibitor receives two complimentary name badges for the booth space reserved. Name badges must be worn by exhibitor representatives during all set-up/tear-down periods.

7. Cancellation of Space. In the event KACCOC has assigned space and the exhibitor desires to cancel the contract, KACCOC will fully refund the exhibitor fees paid to KACCOC if written or faxed notification is received by KACCOC by 8/01/2018. If written or faxed notification is received by KACCOC between 7/15/2018-8/01/2018, KACCOC will refund 50% of the total exhibitor fees. Cancellations received after 8/01/2018 will not be eligible for any refund. Receipt of cancellations via fax must be confirmed via email. Receipt of cancellations via mail must be confirmed using USPS signature confirmation.

8. Default of Occupancy. Any exhibitor experiencing an unexpected delay in booth set up should contact KACCOC immediately for assistance and direction Any exhibitor otherwise failing to occupy any space contracted for but not canceled, by 4:00 p.m., Thursday, September 13, 2018, is obligated to pay the full cost of such space. In the event of default, all obligations of KACCOC to exhibitor hereunder shall cease and KACCOC shall have the right to use said space to suit its own convenience, including selling the space to another exhibitor without any rebate or allowance to the defaulting exhibitor.

9. Subletting Space. No exhibitor shall assign, sublet, or share the space allotted without written consent of KACCOC.

10. Conformance to Laws. Exhibitor agrees for himself or herself and his/her employees to use contracted space for lawful purposes only and will conform to all laws, ordinances, and regulations. The exhibitor must comply with all local and hotel safety, fire, and health
ordinances for the installation and operation of equipment.

11. Decorator Rules and Regulations. Exhibitor agrees to conform to all rules and regulations of the exhibition’s official decorator as detailed in the official service kit provided by that company or KACCOC. KACCOC and any designated decorator will communicate in advance any necessary information relating to your exhibit space requirements, exhibit freight, shipping instructions, labor rules and regulations, deadlines, and other questions.

12. Exhibit Space. Exhibitor must return, in the same condition as was found/delivered, all host facility property and space used during the exhibition.

13. Order Taking and On-Site Sales. All vendors that sell tangible goods at their booth are required to receive the permission from KACCOC in advance and also required to collect and remit applicable California sales taxes, and to be able to demonstrate that the appropriate approvals/licenses have been obtained.
The exhibitor hereby indemnifies KACCOC from any and all liability related to the State of California or County sales taxes or required licenses that result from exhibitor’s appearance at the Expo, including the Exhibitor’s failure to obtain the appropriate license and/or failure to collect/remit the applicable taxes.

14. Security. Exhibitor understands that no additional security presence shall be provided – either during show hours or otherwise – in the Exhibit Hall, beyond the security presence provided by the host facility. KACCOC shall not be liable for any damage or theft to the exhibitor’s display or property.

15. Delivery and Removal. For the sake of attendee safety and to avoid unnecessary disruptions, under no circumstances will the delivery or removal of any portion of an exhibit be permitted during the Exhibit Hall hours without permission first being secured in writing from KACCOC.

16. Limitation on Promotion and Demonstrations. During the seminar and exhibition, all demonstrations, promotional activities, and distribution of materials must be confined within the limits of the exhibit booth(s) in the Exhibit Hall. The playing of loud music, videos, films, or the like, or any other loud or distracting activity that could be objectionable to neighboring exhibitors is prohibited.

17. Drawings & Giveaways. Drawings and giveaways by exhibitors are encouraged within the confines of the exhibit booth. Any giveaway or gift item must be pre-approved by KACCOC prior to the expo. The exhibitor assumes complete responsibility for all aspects of the drawing, including delivery of the gift post-event if the recipient is no longer present at the conference when the drawing takes place. Names, addresses, and other attendee contact information collected via entry forms may be utilized by the exhibitor for future communication, provided that the attendee has given her permission at the time of providing such information. Any drawing forms should contain appropriate “opt-in” language for this express purpose.

18. Show Floor Restrictions. Access to the show floor during set-up (load-in) and tear-down (load-out) times will be prioritized for confirmed exhibitor personnel and/or their designated exhibitor appointed contractor. KACCOC reserves the right to refuse show floor access at any time to person (including removal of said person from the show floor) for the sake of maintaining a safe and secure environment.

19. Copyrights. Exhibitor warrants that any copyrighted material to be performed or played has been duly authorized or licensed by the copyright owners or their representatives and agrees to indemnify and hold KACCOC harmless from any and all claims, losses, expenses, including legal fees, which might arise from questions of use of any such material described above.

20. Use of Space. Exhibitor’s display, equipment, and materials shall be confined to the actual dimensions of the booth space contracted for and be in compliance with Guidelines for Display Rules & Regulations. Height of display should not be such that it could be objectionable to other neighboring exhibitors. Aisles may not be used by the exhibitor. The exhibitor is responsible for maintaining a neat and clean booth. All tables must be either finished or draped. At no time shall any materials be affixed to, or hung from, any wall surface or hanging drapery in the host facility.

21. Exclusions. Firms or organizations not assigned space in the exhibit area will be prohibited from exhibiting or soliciting business within the exhibition or conference area. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the exhibit floor.

22. Insurance. It shall be the responsibility of the exhibitor to provide for his or her own insurance needs. KACCOC shall not provide insurance for the exhibitor.

23. Limitations of Liability. Neither KACCOC, its employees, officers, agents, directors, volunteers, or affiliates shall be liable for any injury, loss, or damage to person or property of exhibitor, its employees, agents, and invitees. Further, neither KACCOC, nor its respective a employees, officers, agents, directors, volunteers,
or affiliates shall be liable for failure of the scheduled exhibition to be held due to fire, water damage, public emergency, strikes, other labor disputes, boycotts, cancellation of facility contracts, or beyond the power or control of KACCOC to prevent. Further, neither KACCOC, nor its respective agents, employees, officers, volunteers, or directors shall be liable for any failure or unavailability of utilities or any facility or decorator services or personnel.

24. Governing Law. All disputes shall be decided under the laws of the State of California, without regard to conflicts of laws principles.